The Best Cardio Workout to Burn Body Fat

In the present day world, the amount of gym memberships is mounting each day. This is because ‘fat’ is considered a bad word in today’s world for being something which is just not going to go away. However, some amount of fat is also necessary for the human body as it performs the role of being the energy storehouse of the body in addition to regulating body temperature. The opposite amount of fat in the body forms one of the essential components of fitness.

It is, by all means, very important to get rid of the extra amount of fat present in your body. This can be done through a good diet and work out. Fat burning exercises include aerobic exercises, weight training, stretching, and cardio workouts. There are some approaches that can be chosen from cardio exercises, the most important ones being a low-intensity cardio workout approach and the high-intensity cardio workout approach. However, it is advisable to follow a combination of both the approaches to gain maximum benefit.

Some of the best cardio exercises which burn a large number of body fats are listed below:

1.Step Aerobics– This is the best cardio workout preferred by a large number of women. The main areas targeted by this exercise include legs and hips and also burns about 400 calories in 30 minutes.

2. Swimming– Being a full body exercise, it is also an effective cardio exercise and is also a good cross-training for similar cardio activities.

3. Bicycling– This is also one of the best cardio exercises, be it stationary or outdoors. This is the best cardio workout which, depending on the speed, can burn approx. 250-400 calories in 30 minutes.

4. Jumping rope– This exercise is one of the simplest and effective cardio workouts which can provide a consummate total body workout in just 15-20 minutes. Besides, it is idyllic for cardiovascular stamina.

5. Elliptical trainer– This cardio exercise is one of the great ways to build endurance by burning approx. 300 calories in 30minutes.

6. Walking– This is one of the less strenuous cardio exercises and can burn 180 calories in 30 minutes. This amount of burnt calories can be increased by adding hills or an incline.

7. Sprinting– This cardio exercise helps you burn colossal calorie amounts. Besides, it maintains your metabolism for days after. You can achieve amazing results by following an exercise schedule involving a combination of sprinting and running/jogging.

8. Running– This is also a great cardio workout which helps you burn 300 calories in 30 minutes. Run according to your physical fitness. People generally start running with 10 minutes on the first step than increase time and distance as per their physical fitness.

The aforesaid cardio workouts, if done in a proper way, can help you achieve amazing results in fat reduction.

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